Latte Art

One of my favourite thinks about coffee is that it not only taste amazing but its also piece of art in a cup.

Latte art is something like drawing a picture, but its drawing a picture with steamed milk to shot of espresso.


The history of latte art is not very far to search for. It all started in 1980s in Italy and about that time also in United States, in Seattle.

David Shomer, who developed microfoam, popularized and established heart pattern which was also signature at Shomer’s Cafe -Espresso Vivace.

He also developed the rosette pattern by recreating the technique based on a photograph from Cafe Mitaki, Italy.

1. Espresso

Espresso shot is the base. It should be prepared right, which means that it should be made of 8-9g of coffee and pressed by 20kg. The espresso shot is poured into cappuccino cup, because it needs to have wide bottom and it has about 25-30ml.

2. Steamed Milk

Milk should has at least 3,5% of fat. Steamed milk has to be creamy and shiny unlike it is when preparing latte macchiato, where the steamed milk should be thicker.

The actual “act of making” latte art is by pouring the steamed milk into the shot of espresso and by certain moves, which are better to be showen, we can create various beautiful pictures. And it is all made just in one move !!!
Tastefull piece of art 😊


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