Chai Latte Recepie

This is homemade version of chai latte, which you usually can buy as an instant mix in many different flavoures and many of them are really very good :)but when I dont have any of them at home, especially in winter time when its cold outside and you dont feel like going nowhere, then I make my own spiced mixture, steam up some milk and make my own Chai latte ☕️


And now I will share with you my recepie.

Its my own combination of spices according to my taste,so If you like it more spicy use more ginger or little more black pepper or add more sugar if you like it sweet it is all up to you.



6 pieces of black pepper

1-2 bags of black tea ( I used Harrods)

1 roll of cinnamom

1 cardamon

1 star anis

3-5 cloves

Fresh ginger 

2 table spoons of sugar 

Boil up water, when the water is boiled add 1 or 2 bags of black tea and turn the heat down on the lowest level.

Peel or cut the ginger( I use about 3 cm long piece of ginger)and add it to the water with tea. Then you can add all the spices and sugar.

I let it boil on low heat for another 5 minutes,make sure its covered, then I stir the tea and add milk to the chai tea and let it warm up on low heat for another few minutes.

Turn it off before it starts boiling.

If you have a coffee machine or milk steamer you can steam the milk, pour it in to the glass and pour the chai tea in to the steamed milk.

At the end you can add little more cinnamon on the top and enjoy your hot cup of happines 😜😊😊

Let me know if you liked it 😊🙃


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