Creamy Banana Cake


This recepie is very easy to prepare dessert and also very tasty. It is creamy but light too.

If you are banana lover this one is the right one 4 u 🙂


Ingredience :

6 eggs

6 big spoons of flour

6 big spoon of sugar

1 coffee spoon of baking soda

250 g butter

vanilla bean ( or vanilla sugar or any other flavour)


powdered pudding – I use Zlaty Klas from Dr.Oetker

1.Mix egg whites untill thick and nicely white and start adding sugar. Add one at a time and mix it after each one.

2. Mix egg yolks untill they are light yellow and start adding flour. Also keep adding one at a time and mix it very lightly after each one.

3. Mix it all together, add pinch of salt and vanilla bean or any flavour according to your taste. Mix it very lightly so cake can stay big and ” airy”.

4. Put little bit of butter all over the cake form , put in it baking sheet and the mixture into it and put it into oven.

5. Bake it for 15-20 minutes on 180 degrees celsius. After let it cool down, then carefully take off the baking sheet and put it into oven for another 10 mknutes and let it cool again.


Cream :

1. Heat up 350 ml of water or milk and add powdered pudding. Mix it untill it gets thick, cover it with foil and let it cool.

2. Mix butter with sugar and start adding prepared and cooled pudding which you mix with mixure before combining with butter. Keep adding one spoon of pudding to butter and mix it well after each spoon.

3. When is the cream ready put little bit on the prepared cake corpus the put cut bananas and the rest of the cream




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