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Place full of simple, healthy & tasty food recipes, mainly inspired by breakfast and brunch dishes.


This place is also about our recommendations for places we enjoy and why.

We are visiting  cafes and bistros all over the world (mainly in Bratislava) where they serve breakfast, nice snacks, sandwiches, brunch & lunch meals. Because thats our favourite meal of the day 🙂 But also because we love the atmosphere of cafes in general, especially the ones like little urban cafes or french styled bistros with a certain theme or a vision.

We are on a mission here to find and share with you the best cafes, bakeries and bistros all over the world. 

We are looking for the ones serving fresh food, local food. Small businesses that have a ceratin vision, a theme, ecofriendly, selling local farmer’s prodcts.

We will also share here with you our experiences on how to run a small business (cafe or a bakery). Cafe interior design tips, menu design tips, how to gain more clients, recipes tips, marketing strategy and more.

I hope you find here enough inspiration and that we can help you with running your own cafe or just to help you discover great places where you can enjoy tasty coffee in a cozy local atmosphere somewhere maybe even near you.

Hope you enjoy it

Lots of love love love and good food